Outsourced health and welfare benefits administration is often viewed simply as a vehicle for capturing benefit elections, managing customer service issues and supporting daily administration processing activity. Healthcare strategy is primarily focused on the design of holistic solutions to contain health care spending while delivering high quality care and improving health outcomes.

Healthcare strategy is critical; however, these strategies increasingly need to consider the capabilities of a benefits administration service provider to bring to life the overall value for employers and employees alike.  The next generation delivery model is a well-designed administration platform that will engage a multi-generation workforce while maintaining consistency with company culture, vision and values.

More Responsibility, More Confusion

In today’s complex health care environment employees are challenged to take a more active role in managing their care while taking on greater financial risk.  Smart decision making, both at enrollment and at time of care, is critical given the prevalence of High Deductible Health Plans (HDHPs).  Additionally, as the cost of healthcare continues to grow, cost containment strategies are critical for all parties involved.

In addition to sophisticated enrollment decision-making tools, an array of innovative healthcare cost management point solutions promises to improve care delivery while reducing cost.  Examples include health navigation aiding complex decision making, cost transparency, second opinion and tele-health, as well as wellness and condition management support.

Employers make significant investments in these tools; however, they are not always easily accessible, understood, or utilized.  Given their depth and breadth, it is critically important to present them in an intuitive way so employees can access the care they need when they need it.

Next Generation Benefits Administration Delivery Capabilities

Leading H&W benefits administration providers make the investments necessary to transform their delivery models to support clients with these challenges.  The marketplace has seen an influx of improved technology and new thinking.  As a result, H&W administration capabilities have advanced more in the last few years than in the previous decade, positioning a company’s chosen provider to materially impact an organization’s healthcare spend.

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