With five generations in the workforce, it has never been as difficult to meet employees’ increasingly diverse needs. The most appropriate provider will meet the needs of multi-generational organizations by offering the right tools, technology, and vision. One of the most common complaints we hear is that “we offer all these amazing benefits, but our employees don’t use them!”

Our expertise resides in helping clients select a provider that both maximizes their financial investment and enhances employee engagement. Health and welfare providers vary widely in:

  • The tools and technology offered
  • Their decision support tools
  • Their level of managerial oversight
  • Their ability to enhance the employee experience
  • The fees they charge

Your plan should be uniquely crafted to achieve the performance your organization expects. Curcio Webb can help you find the right blend between meeting the needs of all employees from millennials to baby boomers.

If you have already outsourced (or co-sourced) your H&W benefits administration, it is important to consider whether it is prudent to undertake a focused renewal with your current provider or consider a search for a new provider.  It is sensible to consider any changes at least 18 months prior to the end of your current provider contract. We recommend you start by downloading the Search vs. Renewal Checklist that provides more details about your options.

Working with Curcio Webb

If you are exploring new options for managing your health and welfare administration projects, we can help you in several ways:

  • Creating the delivery model strategy by working collaboratively with the plan sponsor.
  • The spectrum of delivery models (outsourcing, co-sourcing, using their HCM for health and welfare benefits administration) including consideration of systems, staffing, processes, costs, and risks.
  • Comparing client health care strategies with services and tools sold through the benefit administration providers.
  • Renewing administration service agreements, while ensuring clients receive competitive contract and financial terms, meaningful performance standards, and appropriate service scope.
  • Searching for a new health & welfare provider (outsourced or co-sourced)
  • Leading or assisting with the implementation.
  • Performing operational reviews to ensure data and administration are in compliance with contractual and legislative requirements.