Case Study

Total Benefits Outsourcing Case Study

Curcio Webb Helps Multinational Energy Company Evaluate Best Options for Total Benefit Outsourcing (TBO) TBO Case Study Situation A large multinational energy company (“Company”) decided to conduct a search for benefits administration including Health & Welfare (H&W), Pension, and Defined Contribution (DC). Company had a long-standing relationship with their two administration services providers – one […]

Covid-19 Employee Benefits Administration

Benefit Administration Contracts Under Covid-19

Human resource professionals are presented with strategic initiatives each year. This year the focus has shifted to the critical tasks of maintaining business continuity, managing a virtual workforce while maintaining employee well-being, and complying with new leave and benefit legislation. While these tasks are of critical importance, it is still vital to maintain the focus […]

Case Study

Health & Welfare Administration Co-Sourcing Case Study

Curcio Webb Leads a 60,000-life organization through a transition from internal to co-sourced benefits administration. DOWNLOAD THE CASE STUDY Situation A large and diverse Fortune 500 organization has a unique, strong culture of caring for employees, using internal staff to manage their health and welfare (H&W) administration and customer service. However, over the years, plan […]