In a successful implementation, the provider implements a plan where most processes are automated. Automation reduces errors and sets the stage for long-term success.

We find that many of our clients have few internal resources available to support an implementation. Implementation support is a core competency of Curcio Webb since the inception of our business in 1997.  We provide a range of implementation support across all benefit administration services.

Without proper implementation management, there is an increased risk of an unsuccessful implementation which can negatively impact employees and human resource professionals.  The unfortunate result is the benefits team’s valuable time gets diverted fixing errors when providers are unable to do so. These issues can be difficult and expensive to fix later. A successful implementation results in having far less “noise” from the workforce.

Our approach begins with a strategic discussion with our clients to determine where within the implementation process our support is needed. This usually comes down to internal resources and budget. We have a completely flexible approach to how we support our clients. Curcio Webb consultants can serve as an extension of our client’s team to ensure a high-quality outcome.

Working with Curcio Webb

Curcio Webb assists our clients with employee benefits administration implementation projects in several ways:

  • Over the shoulder assistance
  • Serving as the full-time project manager typically consisting of attending all status meetings, managing issues logs, monitoring project plans, and reviewing business requirements and communications
  • Assisting with requirements gathering and ensuring future requirements are captured correctly
  • Creating test cases
  • Testing systems and services
  • Implementation management
  • Pension calculation testing (using Curcio Webb actuaries)

Our Implementation Experience

Implementation support is a core service of how we help clients achieve the outcomes they are seeking. Due to downsizing of corporate human resource personnel, there are fewer internal resources with the time and experience needed to support a benefits administration implementation. Senior human resources executives prefer for employee benefit professionals to focus on strategic issues rather than on administration issues.

Our implementation experiences have allowed us to accumulate considerable amounts of data that Curcio Webb uses in all our benefits administration projects. Team members are comprised of subject matter experts. We do not believe that generalists can drive the specific outcomes our clients desire. Curcio Webb consultants have a varied background, which includes working for providers, global consulting firms, and industry. In addition, we have actuaries who joined Curcio Webb from large consulting firms and an ERISA attorney who served as an internal benefits attorney for two Fortune 50 organizations.