Private Health Insurance Exchanges (HIX) for company-sponsored plans have proven to be a solid health care arrangement for some organizations and have failed others.  When set up successfully, these private exchange programs can offer savings and the ability to provide services such as administration that were previously not affordable.

However, having a private health insurance exchange also comes with risks and challenges.  Curcio Webb has witnessed challenges with some solutions due to changing population assumptions, rising health care costs, and instability of some provider options.

Medicare exchanges have proven to be a highly successful strategy for numerous companies to best address the needs of post-65 retirees.

Working with Curcio Webb

Curcio Webb assists our clients with their private health insurance relationships in several ways:

  • Renewing consulting service agreements, while ensuring clients receive competitive contract terms, performance standard commitments, financial terms, and appropriate service scope
  • Determining the feasibility of a private or Medicare exchange
  • Searching for a private or Medicare exchange
  • Assisting clients in moving from a private exchange to another solution (including finding solutions for administration, consulting, and communications support)
  • Leading or assisting with private health insurance exchange implementations

Our Health Insurance Exchange Consulting Experience

Curcio Webb has supported numerous health insurance exchange projects for both active and retiree populations.  These experiences have allowed us to accumulate considerable amounts of data that Curcio Webb uses in all our health insurance exchange selection, renewal, and benchmarking projects.

Our team members are comprised of subject matter experts. We do not believe that generalists can drive the specific outcomes our clients desire. Curcio Webb consultants have a varied background, which includes working for providers, global consulting firms, and industry. In addition, we have actuaries who joined Curcio Webb from large consulting firms and an ERISA attorney who served as an internal benefits attorney for two Fortune 50 organizations.