Governance processes enforce adherence to policies and procedures. On the investment side of ERISA, regular reviews and evaluations of investments and investment managers is nearly universal.

Plan administration presents as much risk as plan investments. Administrative noncompliance can result in sanctions. Ineffective administration can create needless employee relations issues. Thoughtful administrative governance to manage plan providers mitigates these risks.

Effective provider management is all about building trusted relationships with your partners and providers.

Working with Curcio Webb

Curcio Webb can ensure your partners and providers are meeting their obligations. We can help you build the tools and develop (or provide) the skills needed to effectively manage benefit administration providers by:

  • Developing policies and procedures to manage employee and compliance issues
  • Reviewing change orders
  • Updating administrative process documentation
  • Negotiating better fees and performance standards that drive accountability and satisfaction

Our Governance Experience

Curcio Webb has saved companies a substantial amount of money, especially in the areas of change management and fee negotiation. Because we have such a deep understanding of benefits administration projects, we are uniquely suited to help organizations establish and follow governance standards.