We believe our approach to benchmarking results in the outcomes our clients are seeking. We begin by having meaningful strategic discussions with our clients. We have significant volumes of data from our benchmarking, provider evaluations, implementations, and operational reviews, but we do not rely on data alone.

Our clients benefit from our vast experience working with over 400 clients. By comparing other projects of a similar size and scope of services, we can do much more than just benchmark fees. We look at the total cost of ownership, which includes change orders, and the value of the services being provided. With our assistance, you’ll be able to decide whether to renew your contract or do a competitive search and selection project.

Working with Curcio Webb

Contract renewals typically begin with a benchmarking process.

  • We have a database of available services, performance standards, contract provisions, transition services, change order fees, and overall fees across the benefit areas.
  • We understand how certain contract provisions or operational requirements impact fees.
  • We understand how far providers are willing to negotiate specific contract provisions, performance standards, service delivery, and fees.
  • Our consultants negotiate numerous contract renewals annually across all benefits areas.
  • We apply our 25 years of experience negotiating contracts with employee benefits services providers to all our projects. Considerable lessons have been learned along the way which are applied during every project.
  • We have worked on contracts with every major provider – we know what they will accept and where the potential pitfalls lie
  • We have very strong results helping clients reduce risk, save money, and increase budget certainty.

Our Benchmarking & Contract Renewal Experience

Curcio Webb performs benchmarking and contract renewals routinely for clients. We have accumulated considerable amounts of data that Curcio Webb uses in all our health and welfare consultant selection, renewal, and benchmarking projects.

Our team members are comprised of subject matter experts. We do not believe that generalists can drive the specific outcomes our clients desire. Curcio Webb consultants have a varied background, which includes working for providers, global consulting firms, and industry. In addition, we have actuaries who joined Curcio Webb from large consulting firms and an ERISA attorney who served as an internal benefits attorney for two Fortune 50 organizations.