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Why Benefits Administration Compliance Reviews Are Critical for Your Business

Benefits administration compliance reviews help ensure your administration provider is in fact doing what they were hired to do—provide administration consistent with the terms of service documents and internal procedures. Embedded in this simple statement are many critical elements: The plan requirements – which drive all activities – are accurate and current. The provider’s administrative […]

Defined Contribution Plan Governance

Governance. Documenting your investment committee decisions isn’t exactly exciting – but it is necessary if you want  to avoid problems down the road. Phil Edwards of Curcio Webb shares why it’s so important for investment committees for defined contribution plans need to spend time documenting their decisions. This video is part of a series on […]

5 Reasons to Start Looking for a New Health & Welfare Consultant

Your relationship with a Health & Welfare consultant is an important partnership that must be cultivated over time. However, there are signs that indicate when it’s time to start looking for a new consultant partner: Seeing High Turnover in Your Consulting Team. As consulting firms experience turnover, this could trickle down to your team. Some […]

You’ve Selected an Active Health Insurance Exchange Service Provider—Now What?

Active health insurance exchanges are growing in popularity. Although adoption rates for active health insurance exchanges (HIX) have not yet reached the levels predicted when these delivery models first hit the market, steady growth continues as employers evaluate health & welfare benefit administration delivery strategies. The Kaiser Family Foundation and the Health Research & Educational […]

ACA Reporting Compliance

Are you meeting ACA reporting compliance standards? The United States Supreme Court’s ruling on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) (Burwell decision) has plan sponsors focusing on ACA reporting compliance. While there are a number of organizations that will help you with the required reporting, there are a few areas that first must be addressed.