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Influencing Retirement Saving Using Social Media

Saving for retirement is a good financial habit to learn in those early employment years. Many published studies and white papers point to the need for broad-based financial education, targeted to defined populations, and personalized to meet their individual needs. Plan sponsors and defined contribution (401(k)) plan administration providers may need to leverage multiple communication […]

Unexpected 401(k) Plan Costs – Get What You Pay for

Employer 401(k) fees Maintaining a 401(k) plan can be an expensive proposition:  fees for recordkeeping, administration, and related services can run into the millions of dollars per year. Consequently, in-house staff have two overarching goals: To obtain the contracted-for services at the agreed upon price, and To mitigate the risk of unexpected costs and errors. […]

DOL Audit of Defined Benefit Plans

When your number is up and the DOL comes knocking, will you be in the minority of DB plan sponsors with satisfactory responses to their inquiries, or might you be subject to a long and arduous audit process?  While the initial focus of these audits is often Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs), these audits can delve […]

The 3 Pillars of Benefits Administration Success

“We’re different!” For over two decades, nearly every client has told us how unique they are. You probably feel the same way about your company. The differences are obvious as it relates to industry, demographics, and culture. However… Experience tells us that despite a company’s uniqueness, benefits administration success is built on three universal, time-tested […]

OCIO Searches – Trends in 3(38) Fiduciary Services

Curcio Webb has over a decade of experience assisting plan sponsors with 3(38) provider searches, which are commonly referred to as Outsourced Chief Investment Officer searches. Phil Edwards and Uma Kolluri were recently interviewed for an article in PlanSponsor where they shared some of the market trends they see in the 3(38) fiduciary management marketplace. […]

Defined Contribution Plan Governance

Governance Documenting your investment committee decisions isn’t exactly exciting – but it is necessary if you want  to avoid problems down the road. Phil Edwards of Curcio Webb shares why it’s so important for investment committees for defined contribution plans to spend time documenting their decisions. This video is part of a series on Defined […]

Focus on the Outcomes of Your Defined Contribution Plan

Is your Investment Committee Focused on Outcomes? Most are not. Most investment committees spend 80% of their time managing investments. We believe you should think and plan more holistically to achieve the goals that are best for your company – and for plan participants. This video is the first in our series, Managing Defined Contribution […]

5 Reasons to Start Looking for a New Health & Welfare Consultant

Your relationship with a Health & Welfare consultant is an important partnership that must be cultivated over time. However, there are signs that indicate when it’s time to start looking for a new consultant partner: Seeing High Turnover in Your Consulting Team. As consulting firms experience turnover, this could trickle down to your team. Some […]