Most corporations use external actuaries and retirement consultants to support their pension plans.

Many of our clients have used the same actuary for years – sometimes decades. In many cases, the actuary knows more about your pension plan than any internal employee.

Because the relationship is often so long-lasting, you want to choose the right actuary or retirement consultant from the beginning. You also want to have clarity about what’s included in the scope of services, something that can get lost over time.

We infuse a fresh perspective into your actuarial services, helping to:

  • Negotiate what is included and expected in the scope of services
  • Determine what is appropriate for frozen plans vs. active plans
  • Show due diligence. Our actuaries can review the work product to ensure it is accurate and complete
  • Improve communications and provide new ideas

Working with Curcio Webb

Curcio Webb assists our clients with their retirement plan consultant and actuarial relationships in several ways:

  1. Renewing consulting service agreements while ensuring clients receive competitive contract terms, performance standard commitments, financial terms, and appropriate service scope
  2. Searching for a new actuary or retirement consultant
  3. Assisting in consolidating services
  4. Benchmarking the current service agreement to help employers determine the value of conducting a search vs. renewing with their existing consultant

Our Actuarial and Retirement Consultant Selection Experience

Curcio Webb has supported numerous actuarial and retirement consultant selection and renewal projects.  We have worked with clients across all types of industries that sponsor some of the most complicated retirement plans in the country.  These experiences have allowed us to accumulate considerable amounts of data that is used in all our actuarial and retirement consultant selection, renewal, and benchmarking projects.  Curcio Webb employs actuaries with FSA designations and an ERISA attorney to support actuary evaluations and selections.